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‘Sir’ is a state school English teacher in a big city in the UK. Prior to this he worked with children with a variety of Special Educational Needs, particularly those with behavioural and social problems. His teaching has been rated as ´Outstanding´ by Ofsted which means he once did a great job for 50 minutes. Save for a light dusting of fiction in order to protect the innocent (and indeed the guilty) anything recounted here is absolutely true. Otherwise, there will be some exciting political debate where everything Sir thinks is also absolutely true. Twitter: @seekingsir

6 January 2013

Wu-Tang Forever...

British rapper Akala's TED Lecture on the parallels between Shakespeare and hip-hop.   Almost certainly more interesting than another blog post from me.  Check out the Hip-Hop Shakespeare Company who do school visits and workshops here. 

Next week, my own lecture on Chaucer and Gangnam Style...


  1. Cheers for this! Will be watching with my tutor group ASAP!

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