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‘Sir’ is a state school English teacher in a big city in the UK. Prior to this he worked with children with a variety of Special Educational Needs, particularly those with behavioural and social problems. His teaching has been rated as ´Outstanding´ by Ofsted which means he once did a great job for 50 minutes. Save for a light dusting of fiction in order to protect the innocent (and indeed the guilty) anything recounted here is absolutely true. Otherwise, there will be some exciting political debate where everything Sir thinks is also absolutely true. Twitter: @seekingsir

15 July 2010


It had been, to say the least, a difficult day. I am making my way down to the staff room to phone some parents. John, a studious but streetwise year 7 boy is talking to Mr. Moore in the corridor. Apparently, they have been exchanging brain-teasers. ‘OK Sir, guess this…’ says Amil. Mr. Moore gives him a look that is a mix of resignation and expectation which indicates that he may proceed. Amil continues: ‘I’ve got one, it’s really important to me. It’s so important that I couldn’t really live without it. I never use it but everyone else does. What is it?’

I believe ‘your name’ was the answer Amil was looking for. Mr. Moore however, had other ideas. ‘Um. Your girlfriend?’ he says, with a quizzical look and turns on his heel down the corridor. It takes a second for Amil to realise that he has just been insulted at which point his jaw drops and he hares off after Mr. Moore screaming: ‘You tried it Sir!! I can’t believe you just tried it with me!!’ There is a huge grin on his face. Mr. Moore, for his part, can be heard cackling manically in the distance.

I love these moments.

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